The Rented Home

A house is made of walls and beams, but a home is made of love and dreams.

Creativity Space Needed?

Creativity Space Needed?

Whether you are living large or feeling cramped, we all need a place where we can feel productive, be creative and get organized.

If you live in a 300 sq ft space or over 3,000 sq ft create a place where you can be creative, work from home and feel organized.

If you are fortunate enough, your new space provides a great place to do all kinds of things that make you feel like home.

Here are some great ideas for your home office/creativity room/homework space that have the space to spread out!

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Do you have space envy? Do not fret I have found some great ideas for you to create in your home that will make you feel productive, creative and organized!

It is actually easier to make a small space more cozy. You just have to be creative, de-clutter and think outside the box! Plus it is less costly to furnish a small workspace.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:










As you can see you can create a great work space big or small. I have had plenty of workspaces in a closet and they were all spaces which I could feel inspired to do what ever I needed to do to seize the day!

Wishing you to best on creating a work or creativity space or whatever space you need to feel like home!

Carpe diem,

Constance Citalán

The Rented Home

Please note* The images on this site are considered Photoshop Home Design! The idea is to be inspired by the looks and make it your own. Also, I do not take credit for any of these photos, but wish to share the great ideas of how you can make your rented home a home. I will source the photos when available. Most of the photos on this site are pulled from the internet or home decor magazines, if you find a photo from my site and would like credit or pulled from this site, please do not hesitate to contact me. Related articles

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