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Exploring Color – Black

Black is a color that reflects sophistication, reflecting an air of style and culture.

Sophisticatication • noun • Definition: culture, style. Synonyms: elegance, refinement, urbanity, worldliness.

Do you want to show your sophisticated side?

Why not try a variation of the color black on your wall to give your home an air of sophistication. Black is available in more shades then one would think, Sherman Williams Paint Store has 7 shades of black with color names such as black magic, black bean and bohemian black.

While you study the pictures below for inspiration notice there is natural light in the rooms which is important so that it will not look like a recording studio or night club. Also notice the use of white to break the color black with paint trim on moldings and ceiling. Maybe add a pop of color such as yellow, hot pink or turquoise. The use of reflective decor such as mirrors, brass, gold or silver lamps and home accessories is important when choosing a dark wall.


Natural light, glass coffee table, copper lamp shades and pewter chandelier create reflection against the black walls. With a pop of turquoise, chartreuse, pinks and red bring color to the sophisticated worldliness to the space.


Crystal chandelier and the natural light flooding into this space along with the pop of powder blue and vibrant fuchsia floor covering pop against the black walls and lamp shades.


Natural light, pops of bright green, red and pink bring life into the office space along with the black walls and crisp white trim. The mirror and acrylic lamp also add an element of light within the space.


White linens along with the black and white pillows and artwork bring cohesiveness to the design. Layering gray into the color scheme creates a masculine feeling.


The mirror, natural light and white furnishings create a crispness against the dark walls.


The reflection of crystal glasses, brass lamp and mirror along with the pop of soft pink and blue glass lightens up an intimate space. The added landscape art work on the wall also brings light to the dark walls.


Satin black paint creates a reflective room along with the mirror, brass chandelier and sofa fabric color choice.


Natural light along with the light color sofas, rug, lamp shades and art work create an airy feeling even with dark walls.


Afraid to commit to a large living space? – Try a small office space or dedicate a wall in black to define a space.

Feel inspired with the color black? Explore the option, it is not for everyone or perhaps just not the time in your life to make such a bold step.

Best wishes on exploring color.

Constance Citalán


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