The Rented Home

A house is made of walls and beams, but a home is made of love and dreams.

French Connection

Adding a touch of leopard print to your interior’s design is a very french thing indeed. The key is to not over do it. Practice restraint and buy higher quality fabrics to avoid a gaudy or très voyant look.

Interested in trying to add a touch of leopard print to your decor? I hope these stunning images will give you the inspiration you need to get the french connection you may be looking for.



949c114a77f3c69e667ca884a6cd5db8 3e979075a487995ded8ba419f6f2d42b fdc114b9e5d878569fdcc3424e10f117 54b560f548b341641633571ad393e65b a9f756cddcb09077bcc6b096d3e1641d 81189a024dfe7be73ef5c46009f8157a 6aa155fb35ec9728a12b0fc45b47616f 0c14b6b8d417b02ce7f2209c985d3fd8-1 85efcf59adc5bb7aafa4c7bfa8b8bab7 75866e40b5e0641f2102fb6f8b6127a9 ea71521b3c4f235bae8c0b2e7827c88e 687b44380c7f4984b080a30845066980 0c14b6b8d417b02ce7f2209c985d3fd8 98c6561bdf01bb4d602f5ec890479409 962bc1317d1f16c4e16abce0329a0c4f 69ab18f09818070c446592ef0c5ab049 b8c62a413ef439d365b75f40acf1842d

I hope you will visit again for more inspiring ways you can make your rented place, home.


Constance Citalán


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