The Rented Home

A house is made of walls and beams, but a home is made of love and dreams.

The Bar Cart

I recently found a sturdy Rattan small table from a resale website here locally. I was so inspired by the thought of having a bar cart I painted my new find and then pulled together some inspiration photos so that I could figure out how to style my new claimed bar cart.

I hope this inspires you in turning your new find or existing piece of furniture into a bar cart, tea cart or anything you need to serve your needs. Enjoy!

21f386c9df7e01fdb479e4348999a18c 64c812b6ea0786620ac4473d9c58d0af f8cdc2ec95df8841060c69b68537f1a9 b4daa6474fea246d3a98105fa9ab6e58 a16a322e272a8f131918cb77e197e865 9ba7683854648d524eb3c313f1544725 c92e39b6b1ff2f842847f5ad67b36847ce3293bf0ad50fd9c0d2dd66d88c5767 3fbefd403113cf02752db1df2e618d32 babc9d08a1377294d203523c3185cd59 218f013ebb060646bb91f340aacb2a11

These two pieces from IKEA would work great too.

draggan-trolley__0187808_PE340763_S4 0166428_PE321006_S3

During my search on how to style my bar cart I discovered this great website, Society Social that would make you dream of having a bar cart and hosting your next party. Society Social also sells cocktail napkins, coasters, matches even hostess attire along with cocktail rings!

I hope you were inspired,

The Rented Home


*You might find this interesting:  The History of the Bar Cart

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